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PREFABRICA - 07-15-2013

Game assets packs

We're giving some more love to the Unity Asset Store. The themed packs we sell there seem quite popular - so here we come with some more: Game assets!

Whether you're building a platformer, an RPG, or actually just any genre, you need lots of these. Bonuses, prizes, healthpacks, keys, mana vials, bombs or treasures - you can never have enough. So here come the first three packages full of low poly, Unity ready, beautifully crafted models:

Check them out on the Asset Store now: Game Asset Pack 01Game Asset Pack 02Game Asset Pack 03.

PREFABRICA - 04-24-2013

Explosives Pack for Unity Asset Store

We're adding another product to the Unity Asset Store - and this time it's made from scratch to fit the needs of the widest possible audience. Is your game in need of some low-poly rockets, grenades or dynamite? The Explosives packs is just what you're looking for! Neatly textured, carefully crafted and fit for use in so many projects - this 11 pieces pack comes for a great price and certainly up to our high quality standards. Check it out now on the Asset Store exclusively!

PREFABRICA - 03-04-2013

Unity Asset Store: Mini cars & Texture sets

We promised to deliver more goodies to the Unity Asset Store, and we're keeping the promise! Not just that, we're adding pieces never released before and made specifically for Unity. Yes, that's how cool we are all of a sudden.

So first to introduce are the Mini Vehicles! We've been playing with a few car game concepts and these  models were sort of what we've been looking for... and as usually, they got eventually crafted inhouse. It's a set of low-poly cars, vans and trucks ready to be used in any game or project. They come with textures that are great for immediate usage or can serve as a template for fine tuning.

We've released them in a package of six because that's how they're meant - to be used together in a fun project! Moreover, we've picked one generic enough piece and we offer it for free - in the best Prefabrica manner :) And, I got to say, it seems to meet quite an interest so far.

Another chapter we're opening is the Prefabrica IMAGE's presence on the Asset Store. We're bringing the whole collection over, and it's going to take some time, but there's first three texture sets available right now: Brick set 01, 02 and 03 . Brick walls totalling 30 variations, for the widest possible use, seamless certainly and in the 512*512 ideal resolution. And as always, there's more to come.

PREFABRICA - 02-24-2013

Unity Asset Store and Prefabrica

We have been active in Second Life since 2006. Browsing through the seven years in business, there's a long row of successful products and satisfied customers behind us. We have also provided thousands of designers the resources they needed to incorporate into their projects. Counting Bytegang's complete production today, we're past the 700 pieces mark - from simple prefabs to complex autonomous systems, some even with server side programming.

With our numerous brands we've touched virtually every area of creativity. We've done avatar design under Dirty Lynx and our apparel, skins, hairstyles, accessories or complete avatars are widely spread and loved. Hanzo Blades although not very active lately is still perceived as a benchmark in weapons production and probably every cyber samurai owns at least one of our blades. We run a lively airport with automated traffic control, where air pirates fly the airplanes powered by our sophisticated flight simulation system that has yet to find a par in terms of realism. The Corse GP racing track is a legend of it's own among the racers. Not only do we produce some of the best looking vehicles and invested huge efforts into their operating systems, we also run a racing track that is tightly bound with them in an organic synergy. And certainly - Prefabrica - our most successful brand. It has literally become a synonym for stock creative in Second Life. Our 3D models, textures or sound effects have become the foundation of a huge and wonderful collection of products. Prefabrica was always a guarantee of quality and assurance in the wild waters of free creativity of Second Life. We've been here for the creators for a long time and we mean to stay so. However:

It's an important day for Prefabrica today. We're taking first steps into an uncharted territory. It's the realm of Unity Asset Store. The store provides seamless in-Editor access to resources for the thousands of Unity game developers. And we see it as a great opportunity to cooperate with other teams and designers. We were able to bring some of our meshes from Second Life as well as put together a few new sets. We're entering the market in modest way with six initial packages but the wave is coming. There will be our complete line of textures available soon, and, for the first time really Prefabrica CODE is coming with some snipplets you'll love to use.

PREFABRICA - 12-08-2012


There couldn't be a better time for purchasing your 3D creative resources than now. Just before Christmass, we are reducing prices of sculpted creator kits in PREFABRICA. And by reducing we mean a cut of up to 90%! That's a big time sale on ALL the sculpted pieces we offer - all the weapons, apparel, vehicles or structures and furniture you might have wanted but maybe hesitated. Whether to be used as an opportunity to license content from questionable sources, or to make brand new products to hit the shelves... Surely now is the time to complete your collection.

The sale is taking place inworld as well as on the Marketplace. Happy Christmass everyone :)

PREFABRICA - 06-08-2012

ZOOMER Madness

Prefabrica Zoomer scooterThe reports of isolated peace disturbance incidents started coming in about a week ago. All of them apparently featured residents on little white scooters, riding wildly through the grid. According to the early news, a number of them were going on the rear wheel and some of them performed unseen tricks and stunts. That was seven days ago. No one could see any danger, no pattern, no sign of anything unusual.
And then the flood really broke out. Literally hundreds of these screaming hairdryers, evoking clouds of mosquitoes, laid terror upon the confused peace-loving residents. They are everywhere you look. Your neighbour has one! And now there's one in you own garage too! Nowhere to escape. The apocalypse has begun.

Within the seven days from release, we've distributed more than 3000 Zoomer scooters. It's the most complex and feature packed freebie from Prefabrica so far. It even has some features like the AAC (Analog Axes Control) that the grown-up bikes are yet to get in an update wave. New set of animations, new tricks, headlights, brake lights, burnouts. And yes, we're giving all of that away for free.

If you need to stand out in the crowd, there's a custom coloring HUD available that lets you paint individual parts of the scooter in any color you like. In a few days, there's a completely new custom texturing kit coming out for the real modders. And be sure we've got even more stuff up the sleeve for this lil rogue.

There's nothing to wait for. Join the madness. Enjoy it.

PREFABRICA - 04-23-2012

130S Hyaku Sanjuu - new mesh sport coupe

130S Hyaku SanjuuWe're reviving our hot rods line with this new sport coupe - meet the Prefabrica 130S Hyaku Sanjuu. Truly a japanese ride, with the steering wheel positioned accordingly, it's proud of the Samurai spirit in its cylinders. This baby also carries the most extensive tuning options so far. The Customizing HUD allows to fluently change the color of individual parts fo the body - giving great possibilities of personalization. It's the basic model of the line and its speed matches the standard Alpine. For the first time, we've also released a PDF manual for the new owners - check it out here. The 130S is available immediately inworld and on the Marketplace. Don't miss the handy HUD either!

PREFABRICA - 03-21-2012

Mesh bare shoulders ladies top

Rigged ladies topThe third piece in our rigged mesh apparel prefabs line is a highly fashionable ladies top with bare shoulders. It has three sizes inside again, alpha layer and textures, pre-baked shadow textures too. Also, there's the obligatory .obj + .psd download available inworld for the heavier modders. Check out the Full version or the Demo on the Marketplace!

PREFABRICA - 03-21-2012

The time has come! Affiliate reseller program live

Prefabrica Motors AffiliateBytegang Worlds and especially it's Prefabrica and Dirty Lynx brands have produced an impressive amount of high quality products during the years of their activity in SL. Not only that. We've also covered what may well be one of the widest portfolios any SL company could cover. And we excell in every single area we're active in. Be it our apparel, weapons, creator resources, vehicles and airplanes or any of the many other types of products. We sell them all. We know what it's like, what it takes and also what's there to gain. We've always kept our activities consolidated and never used detached locations or affiliate programmes, although the demand was apparent. That is until now.

We are offering an OPPORTUNITY. A very EXCLUSIVE opportunity. We're presenting a chance to become a member of a limited and closed club of our resellers. In the first wave it's the complete PREFABRICA MOTORS line, but more will follow soon. But - we are not selling just some affiliate vendors that anyone can get and you can see them on every corner. Not at all.

With the purchase of one of our partner programes you enter into a close relationship with Bytegang Worlds. The Prefabrica Motors packages include a lot of extra branded material, signs and builds that will help you set up your presence. Included display models of all vehicles should also help that task a lot. Everything you need to set up a proper car show room.

The best thing about it all is that we're protecting your business. The licenses are sold in LIMITED numbers and that means you're actually getting a complete franchise with very high REVENUE POTENTIAL. Not everyone can be among our resellers and even less people can be Premium with automatic access to the newest releases!

IMPORTANT * The franchise is limited in time. The franchises sold in the initial release are valid for the whole 2012 season. After that date, the present merchants will have a 50% renew disount and booking priority.

In the initial release wave there's only 10 Premium and 50 Standard Licenses available on the Marketplace!

PREFABRICA - 03-13-2012

More mesh rigged apparel for creators

Rigged hoodieWith the success of the previous hoodie kit, we're expanding the product line further and we bring you this very fashionable rigged hooded sweater builder's kit. It's coming in three sizes, with alpha and texures included certainly. Available now as a demo, fullperm pack, or exclusively inworld as a obj+psd download version through our unique download system. Have a great time creating!

image Visit the fabrica. It houses the ever growing collection of prefabbricates and provides a pleasant shopping experience inworld.

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